Cleanse away negative energy and conjure up your inner magic with our mystical must-haves this Halloween. We have everything you need to focus on yourself and harness your power.

Healthy Spirit

Everything you need to empower your inner mystic. Relax, and cleanse your spirit with these goodies.

Crystal Fragrance Kit

Concoct your own fragrance. This kit comes with three scented oils and three sets of crystal beads for you to create your personalized scent.

Suede Moon & Stars Journal

Fill this beautiful journal with your thoughts and dreams. The pages are completely blank and waiting for you to fill them with whatever comes to your mind.

Rose Gold Olive Leaf Candle

This beautiful olive blossom candle fills your space with a warm, comforting scent that is sure to put you at ease. With a burn time of 80 hours, this candle is sure to last.

Strike My Fancy Matches

Matches that are cute and functional! Leave them out next to your candles as a cute accent piece.

Palo Santo Aromatherapy Incense Sticks

Energize and cleanse your office, bedroom, or whole house with sage aromatherapy. Light these, and bring good vibes into your space.

Dream Decoder

Ever wonder what your dreams mean? This kit presents 60 of the most common dreams and what your unconscious mind is telling you, and what in your life inspires them.


Looking Powerful

Take your magic on the go with these mystical accessories. Use these tools to empower you against any negativity that may come at you.

Celestial Pouch

Carry your everyday essentials in this beautiful 100% cotton pouch. The stunning design features celestial maps you can use to identify constellations in the night sky.

Lapis Good Vibes Bracelet – can you update to include a few?

Improve your self-awareness and spiritual openness with this stunning bracelet. The lapis stone stimulates clarity and compassion. Also comes in rose quartz, amethyst, and aquamarine.

Star Necklace

A small gold star accompanies a larger silver one in this mystical necklace. This delicate piece will add magic and sophistication to any outfit.


Sugar Skull Beaded Pouch

Take you necessities everywhere you go with this beautiful pouch. Carry pens and pencils, snacks, or beauty items in this pouch. It can fit inside a purse or backpack to take with you through your busy days.


Daily Magic

Connect with yourself daily with these powerful tools. Daily practice empowers you to trust yourself and run your life the way you choose.

Reveal Stone Box

Use these stone to center your mind and boost your mood.  Each stone is one of a kind and has its own healing properties, such as relieving stress and encouraging imagination.

The Spells Deck

The Spells Deck features charms, potions, natural remedies, and rituals for self-care, empowerment, love, and more. Each card has a beautiful design and instructions for the spell. This deck is a mystical must-have for modern spirituality seekers and ones curious about the craft.

Mystic Mondays Tarot Cards

Start each week with a spiritual reading to guide you. These colorful cards come with a manual to help you get the most out of your reading and inspire you.


Spirits For Your Spirit

Work your magic at the bar and create spell-binding elixirs. Throw a party with your mystical friends, these cocktail goodies will ensure everyone has a great time.

Mixology of Astrology

Find the perfect drink for you and your friends based on your astrological signs. Put together by Allure magazine’s astrologer, you can find out if you should be drinking martinis or mojitos, all based on your sign.

The Oliver Infused Ice Cubes

Pair these flavor infused ice cubes with gin for an unclassic negroni. This bitter-sweet cocktail is sure to help you relax after a long day casting spells. These can also be paired with seltzer for a refreshing mocktail!

Colorful Stemless Wine Glasses 

Impress your guests with these unique wine glasses. The ombre rainbow colors and foil around the rim will elevate any party.

Check out our full Halloween Collection to find everything you need to work your magic this year.



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