Paper Covered Frames

Paper Covered Frames



      1. On a sheet of scrap paper, place a sheet of decorative paper face down, and place the frame (glass and backing removed) on top of the paper.
      2. Trim the decorative paper so there is an excess of 2″ on each side.
      3. Place the frame onto the decorative paper and lightly trace the position of the frame on the paper.
      4. Use the soft grip knife to cut a 45 degree slice in the paper from each corner of the frame, on both the outer and inner panels. Cut out the center portion of the decorative paper so there is an excess of 2” paper trim on the outer as well as the inner.
      5. Apply PVA glue to the front of the frame, and place back onto the decorative paper, lining up to the traced line positions.
      6. Smooth paper onto the front of the frame. Apply PVA to the excess trim and wrap around the back of the frame.
      7. Allow to dry overnight.