March is National Craft Month which means it is time to get out your markers and glue guns and get creative. At Paper Source, we say you should Do Something Creative Every Day, so we are excited to celebrate a full month of trying and crafting new things. Here is what we are seeing as the trendiest crafts this season.

Paper Flowers

As an alternative to real flowers, which you have to water and dispose of after only a week, pick up a paper flower kit for a beautiful flourish. You can personalize your flowers by choosing your color and like real flowers, each one will be unique. Brighten your living space with a floral garland. Give your special someone a paper bouquet that they can keep for a long time. Come into our stores for a workshop to create your own florals. You will end up with something you could keep up all year round!


Creative Lettering

Nostalgia for handwritten things is being seen all over. It is not just regular handwriting either, you could spend hours on Instagram watching videos of elegant hand lettering. Add your flourish to handwritten things like letters or cards with decorative lettering by learning the basics in our weekly workshops. Handwriting is a skill that gets better with practice, so why not put a little time in creating your own style. You can use your elevated penmanship to write letters to a friend or in your own journal. Display your craft by creating a print to hang in your home or write a motivating mantra somewhere you will see it every day. Get inspired by checking out our Pinterest. You will be writing artistically in no time.


Channel your inner Van Gogh and elevate your watercolor game. Create beautiful landscapes or try an abstract design you can display in your home. You can even try a watercoloring book for an easy-to-do activity. IT is so soothing to watch the colors melt into the page. We are seeing watercolor in other aspects of our lives, like fashion. Tie-dye was a big trend in 2019 and there are no signs of the colorful dyeing coming to an end. Colorful ombre hair continues to be popular. Come into our stores for a workshop, we have one the kids will love too!


Wax Seals

We love the joy of receiving a handwritten letter.  Wax was used to seal letters before the invention of lickable glue that is on envelopes now.  Today, adding a wax seal to seal the envelope adds a stamp of your personality, as well as old-world sophistication. You can find hours of videos on Instagram of crafters melting and using the colorful wax. It is so satisfying to watch it melt and see a beautiful emblem appear. Wax seals are perfect for a regular letter and for an elegant event like a wedding.   Check out our video to see how it is done.



Remember when you were a kid in school and you loved getting a sticker from your teacher? At Paper Source we have not lost that excitement for a good sticker. Stickers come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. We are seeing stickers on water bottles and electronics like laptops and phone cases. You can even make your own stickers with the xyron machine.



People are becoming more conscious of their purchases and finding ways to repurpose things to minimize waste. Check out this blog post about upcycling food containers into beautiful vases.  Our 2020 Wall Art calendar has templates so you can reuse the beautiful designs on the paper even after the month is over. Craft the gorgeous prints into file folders, cardholders, and more useful products. Plantable flowers or globes will bloom into beautiful wildflowers when planted, which makes for a cute accent that is also good for the planet.


Check out our YouTube and How To’s page for easy-to-follow videos for crafting of all kinds. Show us how you are celebrating by tagging us with #papersource.