1. We’re Making All the Things… with Paper

    March is National Craft Month and we are here for it.  It’s hard to decide where to focus our monthlong craft exploration, so we are starting where we began as a brand: with paper.

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  2. Make Your Own Mother’s Day Card Art

    Mother’s Day is coming up and instead of just giving her a card, give her a card in a beautiful frame she can display and be reminded of your relationship. A card that doubles as artwork shows extra thought and how much you care. If you need some inspiration or need some instruction we have you covered. Find a card you love in our curated Mother’s Day collection. We have three easy and beautiful designs you can make for a special gift. Check it out down below.

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  3. Sign Up For January Workshops

    Turn over a new leaf in 2020 by crafting and making friends! Our January workshops lineup has everything you need to get organized. From making your own calendar to using materials from your recycle bin, we have something everyone will love. We even have a camp for the kids. Read below for an overview of each class and visit us online to see more details and reserve your spot now!

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  4. No-Carve Pumpkin Decorations

    For most people, the first day of October marks the beginning of autumn. Whether or not the weather agrees, we grab our sweaters and collect all-things pumpkin spice. Halloween decorations pop up overnight. If you love autumnal decorations but hate the mess of carving out pumpkins, we have four easy and creative alternatives. All you need are a few supplies and you can make unique decorations to impress your neighbors.

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  5. Creativity Box, DIY Fun at Home!

    We want you to craft with us all year round with our newest Creativity Box. Every quarter, we will be offering a subscription with DIY kits for both kids and adults featuring at-home DIY kits curated by our in-house Craft Workshop Team!

    We will kick off the first curated Spring Creativity Box with your favorite crafting goodies in the color of the year—Coral!

    Each themed subscription box is available in limited quantities and for a limited time. Our first Creativity Box includes 1 pack of A6 cards (set of 25), 3 packs of A6 envelopes (10 packs in each), an A6 envelope template, 8 sheets of fine paper (10″ x 14″ each), a tape runner, coral inkpad, daisy flower stamp, coral notecards (set of 8), and a beautiful crepe paper flower.

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    Each subscription box for little DIYers will be curated with themed kits and materials needed to do the at-home DIY projects. This wonderful subscription box will include three of our super popular craft kits (Pizza, Dinosaur and the new Valentine’s Day Sloth kit!), a pack of gold glitter stars, 2 glue sticks, and kid’s scissors. As seasons change, so will the themes of each of the Creativity Box and will be filled with all things needed to get artsy. As a perk, all boxes will also include exclusive promotional coupons.


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    With a box so jam-packed with creative components, you’ll be able to tackle a wide range of fun projects, and ensure you’re doing something creative every day!



  6. Fun & Done: Make the Perfect Bow

    Nothing makes a sweeter statement atop a gift than a perfectly tied bow. And with endless pattern and color combinations, it’s the perfect skill to master for any season. Follow our guide for all of the pro-bow tying tips you’ll ever need.



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  7. How to Decorate a Pumpkin Without Carving It

    When you see the first pumpkin at the market, it’s a telltale sign that autumn has arrived. And while we all love their cheerful color and festive fall appearance, carving them can be a rather messy endeavor. For a less messy and more kid-friendly approach, try adorning your pumpkin with paper embellishments instead. Use our easy-to-follow guide for decorating pumpkins without ever having to touch a carving knife.


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  8. How to Display Holiday Cards

    You’ve signed sealed and delivered your own holiday cards and now it’s time to sit back and relax.  You know how much thought and work goes into getting those holiday cards out the door.  So when the cards from friends and family come flooding into your mailbox, show them off with a fun and festive display.  Here’s a few unique (and easy!) ideas for displaying your holiday cards this year.



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  9. DIY Moment: Illuminated Photo Box

    DIY Moments: Vol.18 No.7

    Whether you’re scrambling for a last minute gift or are looking for a creative way to brighten your dorm room, this illuminated photo box will do the trick!  A quick and easy craft to keep your favorite photo on display all day and night.


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  10. DIY Butterfly Embellishment

    This year marks our 35th anniversary of inspiring you to Do Something Creative Every Day! In honor of our milestone moment, we’ve recently redesigned PaperSource.com, making it easier for you explore our brand online.

    Since butterflies are the perfect metaphor for profound change in one’s life, moving from one chapter to the next, we’ve been featuring fine paper butterflies in an array of our DIYs lately.

    DIY Butterflies made of Fine Paper

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