international women's day

International Women’s Day is March 8th! At Paper Source we are so excited to spend a day celebrating the women that inspire us. We are honoring the women that led the way before us and the ones that empower us daily. Check out down below to see how we’re celebrating and stop into your local store to join in. 

Empowerment Stickers

Stop by our stores on Sunday to create your own DIY sticker for free. You can stop in at any time during the day to make your sticker with a message that inspires you. Wear your beliefs on your sleeve or decorate a water bottle or notebook. This promotion is only for one day so make sure you come in to make yours!


Paper Doll Icons

Come in all month long to create a paper doll of an iconic woman you admire for $5.00 per doll. Create a doll of women like Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Dolly Parton or a woman in your life that empowers and supports you.   Add her to your inspiration board or send her with an empowering note to a fellow admirer. Watch our tutorial for how you can make yours at home with our paper doll kit.


The Paper Source Community Board

This March we are focusing on the ways that we can Spring into Action to build a better community! From inspiring you to fill your day with smart choices so you can nourish a healthy, mind, body and voice to helping you get organized to show your support and give back to your community, we join together in making a commitment to change. Our stores are opening their doors and inviting you to share how you are committed to making a change in your community.


Learn how you can Spring into Action on our Instagram and our Spring into Action highlight.  Share how you are celebrating by tagging us with #papersource.