Our heritage is rooted in paper. Though we have crafting materials, books and gifts for all occasions, paper is how it all started. We try to provide the highest quality papers from all over the world to add that special element to your wedding invitations, birthday cards or everyday stationery. That’s why one of the papers we feature is Savoy, a paper made from 100% cotton giving it a luxurious, flexible feel. Savoy is both elegant and sophisticated, making it perfect for high-end invitations. Originally designed for letterpress, SAVOY prints beautifully both offset and digitally. Its strong formulation, yet soft flexibility allows for strikingly clean and crisp folding, blind embossing, foil stamping and engraving. Because it is made from cotton, Savoy feels rich and luxurious, reminiscent of fabric. Since it’s acid free, invitations printed on it will last a lifetime.

savoy paper

We chatted with Duke Reich of ReichPaper to get some details on this extraordinary paper.

“What really makes Savoy special is the velvety feel of the paper and how well it performs with specialty print processes, such as letterpress printing, foil-stamping, blind embossing, engraving, offset printing and digital printing,” he says.

savoy fibers

“We select the highest quality cotton fibers available to make SAVOY. These fibers are carefully selected to ensure excellent print quality, as well as great formation and exquisite feel of this tree-free paper.”

savoy fibers

“We use a specific formula (or recipe) during our paper making process to enhance the luxurious touch of Savoy, while producing a thick, soft sheet which can take a deep impression when letterpress printing or blind embossing,” says Duke. Whereas other cotton sheets crack when scored and folded so the cotton fibers are visible, one of the special attributes of Savoy is how well it scores and folds.”

savoy paper

Savoy paper is manufactured on a small, boutique Fourdrinier paper machine, which runs very slowly by today’s standards.

savoy manufacturing

Fun fact: The Academy Award invitations and the cards announcing the winners were Savoy Brilliant White. This paper was letterpress printed with the winner’s names with gilded edges. Luxurious indeed!

If you’re searching for the perfect wedding invitation, Savoy paper is an exceptional choice. Contact your local Paper Source today to start the wedding invitation process! Until March 26th, Paper Source is offering 20% off wedding invitations, announcements, bridal shower invitations, save the dates and more. Happy planning!


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