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So now I'm going to show you my other favoritest kit. This is the envelope liner template kit. This is just fabulous when you want to make an envelope look really beautiful. We've already made Paper Source envelopes look fabulous.

When you open this up you'll see all these different, three, six, seven, of them. Each one fits into a different envelope. So I have an envelope here that is a pretty envelope and I'm going to figure out which one fits so it's the A2. And Iím just going to check it, perfect A2. And now Iím going to pick the paper to line it with. And Iíve decided to do this because I love this paper. And again you just put this in place, again I want to a) maximize the paper, but b) I want to make sure the dots are exactly in the right place. Now Iím just going to scoot this down so that dot is right in the middle. Isnít that cute? I take my handy dandy pen; you could use a pencil too. I can line it up here and that means you donít have to cut that edge. There are times when I think lazy is a good thing to be. So here we are, take this little sucker off. Fix my mat and start to cut. Now Iím going to try to cut on the inside of the dark line. I donít want that line to show. So here's my beauteous thing, and itís perfect, I center it. And I'll show you a trick that Iím really fond of using this stuff. If you put it at the bottom, you really can have it wrinkle. So I always fold it first, so I know Iím at exactly the right place, roll it up, put it in and isnít that cute? I love it. So thatís a well dressed envelope. Iíve already made some; this one is of course my favorite because itís me! We just printed old photographs on well in this case we used luxe paper, it takes inkjet so well. Itís our new cut, we just slip it in, isnít that the cutest thing? I think so. Now hereís the catch, you donít want somebody to slip the envelope and not know that its lined so hereís what I recommend, just use a sticker, rather than licking it. And now they will just open it like this because there Is no reason not to.