About Us

Photo collage of Paper Source employees.


To spark delight and be the source for fostering more thoughtful connections.

Our heritage is built around curiosity and wonder. Sue Lindstrom, our founder, traveled the world and discovered countless artisanal treasures. She studied the craftsmanship and curated her own collection, bringing the treasures back to the community of artists and customers who visited her family-owned store. It was a natural pursuit that turned out to be something greater— a connected community of creators. This community fostered a lifestyle that brings out the creativity in all of us. Walk into any one of the Paper Source stores to see this heritage made modern. We hope we can be the happy place for your creative spirit.

Headquarters, Stores & People

Our very first Paper Source opened in 1983 in Chicago, Illinois, as an elegant showroom for handcrafted paper from around the world.

In 2024, we now have more than 200 employees in the Chicagoland area with 121 stores across 28 states in America.

Paper Source East Headquarters.

HQ East

Located in Chicago, IL

Paper Source West Headquarters.

HQ West/Distribution Center

Located in Forest Park, IL

Paper Source 14th Street Store.

121 Stores

Located across America

Brand Icon

The paper wasp chews tree bark and leaves to build their beautiful, delicate nests. Much like this creative creature, nature’s original paper maker, we believe paper can create extraordinary things.


At Paper Source, we live for all things paper. We create, craft, color, cut, shape and print with papers of all sizes, styles and artisanal materials. We take care to ensure Paper Source products put the environment first, focusing on sustainability and social responsibility while upholding our commitment to the exceptional, premium quality you’ve come to expect. We are constantly looking for innovations in the paper making process. Read more below about the sustainability practices that live within our ecosystem of paper.

Stone wrapping paper and fine handmade papers.

Starting at Home

The foundation for all our great products is paper. The majority of our paper – the base for wrap, cards & stationery, stickers and more – is created domestically, which means it doesn’t travel the world to get to you!

Working Together with Responsible Mills & Printers

Our paper is produced with certified mills who practice responsible, sustainable forestry. Our products are often created with post-consumer fiber, renewable energy sources or renewable plant-based materials.

Using Our Paper Wisely

Eco-White, made of 100% recycled content with 30% PCW (post-consumer waste), is the base for all our printed stationery, wrap and more.

Stone Paper, made from finely ground stones instead of wood pulp, is reusable, bleach-free and reduces the use of natural resources.

Providing a Recycled Line

Our line of exclusive solid colors is made with at least 30% PCW. Our Luxe and Savoy papers are also made with a mix of recycled content and/or cotton, a renewable resource.

Packing with Care

​We have redesigned our packaging materials to reduce the amount of corrugate and plastic we use. We continue to look for ways to reduce our footprint through our supply chain.


Our products are all about showing your personality, and sharing it with those you love, while creating new memories. Whether it's your kid's new favorite plush to sleep with, the candle you light to help wind down as soon as their head hits the pillow, or all the little notes written down throughout the day - we've got you covered.