About Our Paper & Envelopes

Recycled Paper

Almost our entire collection of paper and envelopes is made with recycled content (at least 30% post-consumer waste).

All items in our paper and envelope line are:

  • PH Neutral
  • Acid Free
  • Archival Quality (not museum archival quality)

Paper Weight by Item

Items made from text weight paper: 

Items made from cover weight paper: 

Paper Weight by Color

Paper Source Collection Colors: 80# text, 80# cover

  • Savoy Cotton: 80# text, 92# cover
  • Shimmer Silver: 80# text, 98# cover
  • Shimmer Gold
  • Stardream: 81# text, 105# cover
  • Luxe: 85# (160 gms) text, 60# (210 gms) cover

Paper Size

View our Paper and Envelope Size Chart for a complete listing of the items and their dimensions in our line.

Paper Texture

All items in our paper and envelopes line have a smooth finish, with the exception of Aubergine and our Luxe collection.

Printer Recommendations

Below are general guidelines for the kind of printer to use by paper type, however printer and printing environments vary and we always recommend you run a test print to ensure the best results.

  • Paper Source Collection Colors: compatible with inkjet (recommended) and laser printers.
  • Shimmer/Stardream: compatible with laser printers
  • Luxe/Savoy: because of its textured surface, an inkjet printer is recommended

How We Choose Colors

We continue to look for new colors to add to our line with the goal of bringing in fresh color choices that coordinate well with our existing palette. Recommendations for new colors often come from our customers in stores or via the web. Some of our recent colors were selected by our Facebook fans in a poll where fans were given the option to vote for the next Paper Source color, which led to the introduction of Slate and Aubergine.

Specific Color Details

Savoy is made from 100% pure cotton. Our Savoy cover weight note cards are heavier weight (92#) making them luxurious and great for letterpress projects.

Our Luxe papers are made from 20% cotton and 80% wood-free primary pulp from responsible sources. The surface has a textured vellum finish. These papers have excellent stiffness, folding rigidity, and good light-fastness. They are completely recyclable and biodegradable.