What to Write in A Holiday Card

Winter is coming - don't forget to stay on top of your holiday checklist, which most likely includes writing holiday cards. Finding a way to write a holiday card that is classically festive, yet unique to your family can be difficult. To keep you from sitting at your desk with a loss for words, we've come up with an outline to make writing an effective holiday card a little easier.


Start with a classic holiday greeting for the header of your holiday card. Embrace the cliches of the holiday season and wish your recipients a "Happy Holidays", "Season's Greetings", "A Joyful Holiday Season", or any of the dozen other sentiments used this holiday season.

Main Message

Next, add a more personalized message. If you're sending the same message to every recipient, update everyone by sharing some family highlights from the past year. Our custom holiday cards include sample text that you can use as a jumping pff point for writing your card. You can also keep the back of your card blank, allowing you to include a handwritten note on each card. Doing so shows that you took the time to think about each person you are writing to. If you're filling out your card by hand, have each card include a special memory or inside joke you have with the recipient - it'll warm their heart to receive a personal message.

If you're still at a loss, look up some holiday jokes, puns, or quotes to include in your card. Even an obvious pun will put a smile on anyone's face and brighten their season.


When signing off on your card, it goes a long way to express interest in the recipient. Say you'd love to see them sometime soon, or ask to be updated on their recent happenings. Lastly, don't forget to include them in your signature. Use a classic send off like "With love," or "Warm wishes," and sign as a family unit or have each member's name included - remembering the pets!

Writing a holiday card that is both concise and personal can be tricky. All in all, think of what's stuck in your memory from the year and use that to fill your card. If all else fails, there are hundreds of holiday expressions and quotes at your disposal!