Invitation Templates

How To Use Our Templates

Below you'll find Word templates to help you print out your own stylish invitations.

These templates will help you properly align text to a specific card size and will restrict the area where text is placed to ensure artwork and details look perfect.


Open Your Template

After purchasing your invitation, open the corresponding Word template.


Edit Text

Highlight the sample text in the Word template and customize with your own details. Our templates use basic fonts, but you can change in Word or search the web for free downloadable fonts.


Match Ink Colors

We've chosen an ink color that complements the invitation design, but feel free to personalize with your own style.


Run a Test Print

Always test on printer paper before printing on your PS cards to ensure text is properly aligned.

14 Results
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14 Results
  1. Gold Scallops Wedding Invitations
    Gold Scallops Wedding Invitations
  2. Wedding Cake Invitation
    Wedding Cake Invitation
  3. Laurel Greenery Printable Invitations
    Laurel Greenery Printable Invitations
  4. Foil Champagne Glasses Invitation
    Foil Champagne Glasses Invitation
  5. Indigo Stripe Invitation
    Indigo Stripe Invitation
  6. Vintage Rose Invitation
    Vintage Rose Invitation
  7. Gold Confetti Foil Wedding Invitation
    Gold Confetti Foil Wedding Invitation
  8. Gold Foil Chandelier Invitation
    Gold Foil Chandelier Invitation
  9. Gold Foil Filigree Wedding Invitation
    Gold Foil Filigree Wedding Invitation
  10. Watercolor Party Invitation
    Watercolor Party Invitation
  11. Watercolor Laurel Party Invitation
    Watercolor Laurel Party Invitation
  12. Citrus Party Invitation
    Citrus Party Invitation
  13. Garden Party Invitation
    Garden Party Invitation
  14. Ampersand Wedding Invitation
    Ampersand Wedding Invitation