Dad-isms: The Crazy Things Dads Say and Do

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Packed with embarrassing anecdotes, true stories, jokes, sayings — all the wonderful and cringeworthy things dads do and say that make us all sigh and groan. Do you think your jokes are hilarious, without fail? Ever thought something was sidesplittingly funny, only to have the rest of your family look at you with pity and disdain? It probably means that you’ve succumbed to the embarrassing, ill-advised things all Dads say and do — the things you swore you’d never do! — you’ve fallen for Dad-isms. In this hilarious look at the rite of passage that almost all dads go through, you’ll find embarrassing anecdotes and true stories, cringeworthy jokes, sayings, quotes, and all manner of quirky nonsense that dads come up with to keep you (but mostly him) amused. From excruciating things dads say at weddings to the cheesy phrases that make you sigh but him guffaw, from dad dancing to the crazy things they save up for the most inappropriate moments…these dad-isms are so bad they’re almost good.

  • ISBN: 9781789293005
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Black & white illustrations throughout